PIGS IN THE CLOVER is America's oldest handheld "mobile" game at over 100 years old.

We brought it back, bigger, bolder, piggier! It's also no longer made of wood, steel and cardboard, but lives on in iOS and Android.

pigs in clover game pigs in clover on iphone and android
old version of Pigs in the Clover


Introduced in 1889, Pigs In The Clover quickly became the most popular game at the time. It was played everywhere - on trolley cars, pool rooms, by the paper boy on the street corner and even in the halls of congress!

A true cultural phenomenon, political cartoons emerged mocking politicians who played instead of focusing on their duties!

old version of Pigs in the Clover political cartoons of Pigs in the Clover


One hundred and twenty seven years afer it's release the new Pigs In The Clover will pay homage to the game's legendary heritage while providing new game play and style for the modern era.

The game play faithfully represents the original. Pigs In The Clover is an intuitive dexterity game fun and safe for all ages. Manipulate the board (your device) and get the pigs into the center (pig pen) to win!

Go back in time and play the original boards from 1889 and 1932 & try the all-new crazy pig-rolling adventures, even a Westworld inspired maze!
Pigs in the clover board 1
Pigs in the clover board 2
Pigs in the clover board 3
Pigs in the clover board 4


PIGS IN THE CLOVER ~ Coming soon

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